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According to the ever-changing needs of customers, we provide various IC packaging chip services for terminal production...MORE


Product Information

Products include total solutions such as memory cards, contact and contactless chip cards...MORE


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(2022/3/4)Alcohol 3D Modeling Easy Card unveiled, taking care of epidemic prevention, fashion and convenience...MORE


-About Dynacard-

Dynacard is a professional assembly and testing factory and card production factory of OEM and ODM. Except for contact card, contactless card, and memory card, with our professional research and production technology, has developed more products, such as NFC and SPI Nand etc..,, "Secure mobile payment product" is our main emphasis of operate.

-Core Value-

Dynacard adopts management philosophy 「Integrity、 Innovation、Cooperation、Sustainability」 By consistent elevation of products, Dynacard is going to become the best professional manufacturer of packaging, module and applied products.